Voice Lessons


“I used to avoid notes from B on.                     “The result is a free flowing clear sound

Now I actually like singing them!”                     that is me, not another’s perception of

Jennifer M.                                                                     of me.” Pam C. 





The Technique

I teach vocal technique with an emphasis on Singing on a Level of Speech.  It is a systematic approach to bridge together all of the registers of the voice.  We work together to build a bridge between your low voice (chest voice) and your high voice (head voice) combining those parts in the middle creating the mix that most singers struggle to master and most teachers struggle to teach. You should start experiencing positive results including increased vocal range within a few weeks.

Styles of Music

All!  In my studio I work with singers of all ages and styles including Broadway, Celtic, Folk, Gospel, R & B, Jazz, Blues, Pop, Classical, Country Western, Rock, and World.

Location and Scheduling

The studio serves the greater Fargo-Moorhead area and beyond. It is located in Moorhead, Minnesota near Concordia College. Private in person or Skype Lessons are available. For more information on taking lessons online and what equipment is required please read Voice Lessons on Skype.

In order to schedule a lesson you must read, fill out and return the Studio Policy and Rules along with the Studio New Student Questionnaire and Deposit Authorization Form

When scheduling a lesson and contacting to schedule a lesson you have agreed to abide by the Policy, Rules and Liability Release in the Studio Policies Agreement found on this site.

email: JillianLaDage @ yahoo . com

phone: 218-303-6711

About Me

For 16+ years I have taught vocal technique with an emphasis on Singing on a Speech Level. I was introduced to SSL by my personal vocal coach, Randy Buescher – Your True Voice Studio– Chicago’s premiere vocal coach. Having trained extensively in pedagogy, technique and vocal therapy I continued on as an associate teacher where I had the privilege of working with singers on and off Broadway as well as major record label acts.  In addition I have also studied Classical Bel Canto Technique under the tutelage of Janet Devereaux-Gaffney and Celtic harp by renowned Celtic harpist Kim Robertson. As a professional singer I have performed throughout the Midwest and Northeastern United States.


“Jillian LaDage has a wide knowledge of vocal pedagogy and how to apply it to today’s styles and singers.” Randy Buescher, Your True Voice Studios and Artist Management Chicago/Naperville



“…she loves her voice lessons and says she learns something every time.  In fact, she told me she feels bad that she’s wasted my money on past voice lessons – a compliment to you!” Karina H.


“Thanks so much for all your help and especially your patience.” Dave T. 

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